Sunday, June 21, 2009

for olivia

My sister in law is having a baby in September. She SWORE she was not going to find out the gender until birth...but, alas, she could not take it anymore...

she's having a GIRL! Named OLIVIA!!!!!

I collected/made/bought various things for her shower including vintage blocks, the Olivia the Pig book (my fav!), and a hilarious book I found in an old bookstore.

The fun part is, I created a line of stationary/thank you cards/bookplates in honor of Olivia. Here it is:

I think it's hilarious, yet so adorable!

So excited to meet my new niece!


  1. maybe i'm biased but I LOVE THE NAME!!! i have blocks and tons of Olivia the Pig books too. am i too old for that? :D welcome baby Olivia!

  2. Karen's looking very similar to the girl you created on her Thank You cards...tehehe
    We're all getting HUGE!

    So cute!

    In about a month or so you'll have a brand new niece to spoil... =)