Monday, March 9, 2009

lovebirds invitation

when chris and i first got engaged, i was all about drawing on illustrator to create different invites. for some reason, i loved birds at the time and drew them in all of my pieces. i don't like any of the following invitations, but i thought i'd share them with you anyways. the first 2 invitations would be on Z-fold cards (tri folded in a Z).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

website design

so i can say that i can pick up on tech-y things pretty quickly.

flash, though, is tough. but through trial and error i was able to create our wedding website. it's pretty awesome, if you ask me. but what do you think??

Saturday, March 7, 2009

for addie

addie is a daughter of cJ's friend. they call her addie bear. addie's mama wanted to start a blog about her so i created a few blog banners for her to select from. I don't have the blog url, so just take a look at the creations:

Friday, March 6, 2009

save the dates: final equation.

yes i know i posted this on my other blog. but i would like to keep all my design creations in one place. so here you go, again, my final save-the-date:




magnet drawn & designed by me on illustrator.
tags made in photoshop.

(ps olivia, i got your invite! great job girlie! inakwon, i got your are more creative than you give yourself credit for!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

another baby blog

oh cJ has many friends who are pregnant. her blog has inspired many of them to start blogs of their own!

mK is also having her first baby due in september. i created a blog banner for her that catered to her wishes of: neutral colors, baby animal, and the tag lines: "God's gift to us. m&s baby 2009."

well, mK suggested a teddy bear. i think that's a bit cliche, so i went for ducklings. when i asked her if that was okay, she mentioned that she did not like birds or ducks (me neither..but i do like silhouettes of them); however, simultaneously i had already created a few blog banners and sent them her way with the duck silhouettes.

just as i pressed send, i got her email about her not wanting to use ducks. but then she saw the blog banners i made and she loved them!

so here are the banners i created. the swirl not only is decorative, but it also represented to me "God's gift" of the baby to m&s.

please check out her blog to see which banner she selected!

this is too fun. can this be my full time job please?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


yeah, well, if you don't know already i have a wedding/life blog called kim-squared.

it's my blog baby and i love it and write an entry everyday. i made the banner for it a long time ago when i bought vintage alphabet blocks. i was already on the hunt to collect them to use them in our wedding, so i thought it would be fitting to also use them for the blog banner. i don't know where the original banner file is, but the image above is what i used for it. To see the banner, visit my blog.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

for ina kwon :)

i never shared with you the blog banner i designed for inakwon. i like to call her ina kwon because that's what i like to call her. plus i have another ina friend, so it makes her special that i have to say her first and last name.

ina kwon did not ask me to make her a blog banner. i just decided to one day. and she loved it! cool. check out her blog and her wedding process here.

anyone else need a blog banner? soliciting requests right here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

baby blogs

cJ asked me to help her begin a blog. she is pregnant and wanted the perfect way to share information with family and friends! i suggested a blog, of course!

i offered to create a blog banner for her.... since she does not know the gender of the baby, we used colors she liked. i incorporated her tag line "milestones to memories" and her love of trees and leaves to create a banner that used ginkgo leaves.

why ginkgo leaves?

i love ginkgo leaves! i used to pick them up all the time in japan and thought to myself: these look like perfect hearts. so i used them to symbolize the "milestones to memories" tag line.

here are the banners i created. to see which one she picked, please visit her blog: babyjohn2009.

now, how can i convince my sister-in-law to blog?