Thursday, March 5, 2009

another baby blog

oh cJ has many friends who are pregnant. her blog has inspired many of them to start blogs of their own!

mK is also having her first baby due in september. i created a blog banner for her that catered to her wishes of: neutral colors, baby animal, and the tag lines: "God's gift to us. m&s baby 2009."

well, mK suggested a teddy bear. i think that's a bit cliche, so i went for ducklings. when i asked her if that was okay, she mentioned that she did not like birds or ducks (me neither..but i do like silhouettes of them); however, simultaneously i had already created a few blog banners and sent them her way with the duck silhouettes.

just as i pressed send, i got her email about her not wanting to use ducks. but then she saw the blog banners i made and she loved them!

so here are the banners i created. the swirl not only is decorative, but it also represented to me "God's gift" of the baby to m&s.

please check out her blog to see which banner she selected!

this is too fun. can this be my full time job please?


  1. OMG I LOVE IT! Its sooooo cute!!!!! I love both colors...I bet MK will pick the green one? But I love the yellow/purple too! I think the ducks are adorable. Especially the little one... =)

  2. Thank you so much for creating the banner for me! I loved them both so it was hard to choose, but my favorite color is green so I went with the first one. You are so creative and talented! :-)