Monday, March 2, 2009

baby blogs

cJ asked me to help her begin a blog. she is pregnant and wanted the perfect way to share information with family and friends! i suggested a blog, of course!

i offered to create a blog banner for her.... since she does not know the gender of the baby, we used colors she liked. i incorporated her tag line "milestones to memories" and her love of trees and leaves to create a banner that used ginkgo leaves.

why ginkgo leaves?

i love ginkgo leaves! i used to pick them up all the time in japan and thought to myself: these look like perfect hearts. so i used them to symbolize the "milestones to memories" tag line.

here are the banners i created. to see which one she picked, please visit her blog: babyjohn2009.

now, how can i convince my sister-in-law to blog?

1 comment:

  1. HA! Finally figured out how to get your blogs on my blog...I'm old and slow.

    Thank you thank you again! I told your sis-in-law to get one started...showed her mine (the one you made) and she said it was really cute. Maybe you just have to create a banner for her and then she'll use it? =)