Saturday, July 18, 2009

wedding invitations

(the rsvp card tears off)

I tried to leave plenty of time to work on the invitations.

I kept with the Beatles theme ( did anyone notice the Beatles songs?) and simplified the text and pictures to follow 2 themes: bicycles and milk bottles.

I designed them in Illustrator, free hand drawing the bike and milk bottle.

I played around with lots of different fonts. My favorite free download of fonts came from Fonts From Peas !

I printed about 50 test prints, then cut the paper (this was the worst part), stamped and embossed the invites and envelopes with a darling stamp from Japan, and then printed each piece of the suite on my printer. I was surprised at how well the printer held up.

After I printed the 400 sheets, I cut them down to size and then hole punched them. The hole punching part was very annoying as you had to have the strength to go through 6 pieces of paper. Chris broke 2 hole punchers during the process, but my friend Kimmy did it seamlessly.

We put the ribbon through and then I printed the labels (I love the font...looks handwritten, doesn't it?), placed the stamps, and sent them.
I hope you liked them! I think they represent me and the theme of the wedding well. Plus, I think they are pretty creative, no?

Paper from envelopper and paper source.
Labels from kootie's closet shop on etsy
Ribbon from Michaels
Stamp from Japan

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