Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wedding programs

Okay, I have been working long and hard on designing and printing all the stinkin stationary for the wedding.

I'll start off with these programs.

So at first I had this elaborate design for them, but then my friends reminded me that people just throw them away after the ceremony..so they advised me to not put forth that much effort.

Hmm..okay. Well, if you know me, you know that I love to draw people. So I decided it would be fun if I drew out the program.

First I drew a picture of me and Chris on the front. Yes, Chris is wearing is dress blues (can you tell?) and there you have a sneak peek of my dress (yes it's short..and sexay!)

Then I drew the heads of all the people in the bridal party. I think they look like each of them, but some might disagree...(Vince has hair??)

The actual order of events is a design in my original program. The tree and tandem bike were items I was going to use in the invitation, but then I took it out. I drew these on illustrator.

So I scanned in my pencil drawings and then finished putting it all together in illustrator. I love it and I hope it makes people smile and laugh and my silliness.

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